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A Note On Packaging, Part 2

Audrey BranamComment

Hello! In the time since I wrote my original note on packaging, I've thought a lot about the topic, and thought I should return to it to share my current thoughts.

It may seem like a small issue, but to me it sits at the intersection of several larger ones- sustainability, low waste practices, marketing and presentation.  

As I've said before, reducing waste in the clothing industry is one of my main interests in creating this shop, and my original brand. I know that my contribution to that cause will be small, but I'm dedicated to pursuing it fully. That mindset leads me to want to use as much reused packaging as I possibly can, without much regard to the looks of the packaging itself- if it is clean and gets the item to the customer safely, it has done its job. 

That said, sometimes I lose confidence in the idea.  Throughout the online shopping and resale world, I consistently hear that cute packaging is a priority for brand and buyer- that it creates a first impression, that it makes the arrival of an item more exciting- essentially, that it is expected. Aside from a few vintage stickers, my packaging rarely meets these type of expectations. I worry that choosing to work around this expectation will make me appear sloppy or like I'm cutting corners.

That said, for now, I think that I will keep prioritizing reused packing materials- it is a low-waste option, and it helps me keep prices low, which helps keep my shop accessible. This means that not all of my packing materials are biodegradable, though I am exploring ways to make that possible upon request.  I am taking a risk that my customers will be supportive of my point of view.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments!