Clothes on an Even Keel

Working Toward Zero-Waste Clothing

A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Audrey. 

A little about me and my store: Basically, for me, reducing waste is my bottom line.  I feel this way in general, but for me, clothing is a perfect outlet because it is fun, creative and the tools to build a more sustainable, low-waste wardrobe are available now. 


To me, buying secondhand is something to be proud of!  All items in my secondhand shop are resale or vintage.  Once I get a hold of them, they are washed, air dried and inspected for flaws.  Flaws are noted or mended, and they are ready for a new owner.  To visit my Secondhand Shop, please click here! 


This is where it all comes together- I create handmade and one-of-a-kind items using castoff materials that otherwise would risk going to waste.  To visit my Handmade Shop, please click here!